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Working at Height

Price: 220.00 AZN


In this training session the audience will discuss a number of general concerns with fall protection that could apply to many situations. An instructor will focus on the specific fall hazards at work places and how we can protect ourselves from those hazards.

This training session will focus on:

  • Hazards associated with falls
  • Rules for working safely from heights
  • Different types of fall protection systems


At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Explain Working at Height Regulations (WAHR)
  • Explain Standard Safety Guidelines
  • Risk assessment
  • Rule and procedures
  • Rope access
  • Understand difference of various types of working platforms
  • Explain the correct use of ladders
  • List the common causes of accidents caused by working at height
  • Understand use of safety harnesses and fall arresters
  • Ground works and excavation


  • Introduction
  • Standard Safety Guidelines
  • Ladders
  • Various types of Knots
  • Risk assessment
  • Suggested rules you may adopt to prevent falling
  • Selection of work platforms
  • Safety of working platforms
  • Rope access techniques
  • Safety harnesses
  • Calculation of fall factors
  • Fall arrest equipment
  • Roof working
  • Excavation
  • Working at height (Video material)
  • Questions and Answers


The optimum number of attendees for this course is 10 persons.  The program maximum is 12 attendees, the minimum is 6.


A certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of this program.