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Interviewing Skills

Price: 220.0 AZN


Great leaders are great because they surround themselves with fantastic, talented people. Here is a little-known secret: most leaders are not very skilled at interviewing. Making poor hiring decisions (and keeping bad hires) based on deficient interviewing skills costs companies millions of dollars every year.

This Interviewing Skills training program helps leaders develop the proven skill sets to interview and find the best candidate every time.


By the end of this training program delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of interviewing and hiring the best applicants
  • Learn main rules of interviewing for finding the right people
  • Identify and use the tools and techniques for interviewing effectively and finding talent
  • Use the right kinds of questions to uncover what they are looking for
  • Learn and use a specific and step-by-step process for interviewing that eliminates mistakes

Brief Contents

Module 1. Fundamentals of interviews

  • Introduction
  • Importance of interviewing skills
  • Identifying types of interviews
  • Planning for an interview

Module 2. Hiring Process

  • Job Title and Descriptions
  • Candidate reviews
  • Candidate sections
  • Establish Interview Program
  • Interview Panels

Module 3. Interview Process

  • Timings and Locations
  • Presentations
  • Introductions
  • Interview questions
  • Things to avoid
  • Duration
  • Role play during course

Module 4. Selection and Follow up

  • Selection candidate and backup
  • Confirmation of candidate
  • Follow up with non-sections
  • On boarding

Course Project

The program is intended for Human Resources professionals, as well as those, who are involved in interviewing and hiring processes or in charge for any of HR functions. This program is also vital for HR assistants and other employees who can be promoted to HR role.


On completion of the program delegates will receive a certificate of completion and a copy of two must have HR Practitioners books, either printed or electronic.