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Certificate in HR Management (Level 3)

Price: 360.0 AZN


This is a Foundation level course, which you will study over a period of 1 month and is ideal for those wishing to acquire a wide range of relevant and practical skills in HR. It also offers the perfect platform to further develop your HR knowledge and behaviours to operate at a more managerial level within the organisation. As well as providing you with deeper insights into how HR can add value, you will develop your critical thinking and behaviours to aid you becoming a credible role model. The training course of Human Resource Management qualification provides you with the knowledge and skills for you to step up to the fast-paced field of HR leadership.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this program, you should be able to:

  • Effectively manage and plan key human resource functions within organizations
  • Examine current issues, trends, practices, and processes in HRM
  • Contribute to employee performance management and organizational effectiveness

Problem-solve human resource challenges

These courses are suitable for those who are:

  • Seeking to develop a career in HR management and development as a graduate or already with quite a bit of experience
  • Working in the field of HR management and development and need to extend their knowledge and skills
  • Need to understand the role of HR in the wider organisational and environmental context

Content of the Course 

The 1 month training course aims to develop your skills in all areas of HR Management including employee relations, people resourcing, talent management, succession planning and performance management.

Module 1. Understanding Organizations and the Role of HR

Introduction – the HRM concept. Understand the business objectives of an organisation, the main activities of the HR function. Knowledge of key employment legislation.

Module 2. Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information

Understand the needs for accurate employee records. Use HR information systems. Awareness of legal requirements.

Module 3. Organizational Behaviour and Factors affecting employee behaviour.

What is meant by Organizational Behaviour. Work, Organization and job design. Organizational Culture. Organizational Climate. Organizational Processes. Variations in personal characteristics. Motivation, Commitment. Employee engagement.

Module 4. Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Practitioner. 10 Strategic HR skills.

Understand the characteristics of an effective HR professional, the concept and reasons for continuing professional development. Assess your own professional development needs and preferred learning methods. Be able to develop and review an appropriate personal development plan (PDP)

Module 5. Strategic Resourcing and Talent Management.

Workforce Planning. Undertake key activities in recruitment and selection process. Understand the legislative requirements. Dealing with Requirements problems. Resourcing Practice. Talent Management Strategy.

Module 6. Employee relations and Psychological Contract.

The process of Employee relations. Policies and Procedures. Implementing Employee relation strategy. The significance of Psychological contract and the employment relationship. How to develop and maintain a positive psychological contract.

How is the course delivered?

  • Weekend block course (6 days, 30 hours in total, delivered over 2 day blocks, once a week)
  • Overall duration is 1 month
  • Training hours: 10.00-15.00
  • Coffee and Lunch breaks will be provided during the course.
  • Training Language: English (participants should have good command in English)
  • Training fee: 360.00 AZN (price includes VAT, training video materials, handouts, Certificate, lunch and coffee breaks)


You will receive a Certificate of Human Resource Management after you complete all the units of qualification and pass the final exam (70% and above).